I solemnly pledge that I will practice medicine professionally and conscientiously, and that I will in my work abide by all the rules of the medical profession, laws and other regulations, the Statute of the Chamber, and the Code of Medical Ethics of the Chamber.

physician's oath



Dear colleagues,

I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me by choosing me as the President of the Regional Medical Chamber of Vojvodina. I see the election to this position as an expression of your trust, but at the same time as an obligation to improve the work of the Chamber and make it a place of gathering for physicians in Vojvodina – a place where the interest of our profession is best articulated. You are very familiar with how many functioning problems there have been in the last four years, which we have practically wasted by arguing and accusing each other. Of course that did not bring about anything good, except for the growing disinterest of our colleagues in the work of the Chamber. They do not recognize the guild organization as their own, and they clearly do not believe that it can bring about anything good.

On the other hand, the state of the healthcare system in Serbia and Vojvodina requires a proactive approach from us as physicians, but also from us as people. I am convinced that we should take up the challenges, and not wait for the processes and decisions to make us inferior participants in the healthcare system.

Despite all the difficulties, I believe in the capacity of almost 7,000 physicians in Vojvodina, and I believe in the success of a participatory model of work and organization management. Therefore, I urge you to work together for the benefit of the profession, our patients, and the association to which we belong.

Tomislav Stantić, President of RMCV